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Welcome to the Giant Sequoia
Virtual Field Trip!

Calaveras Big Trees North Grove Trail

Follow the Giant Sequoia Virtual Field Trip trail to learn about the giant sequoias in Calaveras Big Trees State Park near Arnold, California in the Sierra Nevada foothills. We will tour the North Grove of this beautiful park. Although the tour is designed for second and third grade students, people of all ages are invited to participate. The trail is about one mile long, so be sure to change into some comfortable walking shoes. You may also want to bring some water if it's a hot day!

Click on the arrow to begin, OR on the links below to start the tour. If you get lost, click on one of the links in the Table of Contents to the left.

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Parts of A Giant Sequoia

Life Cycle of A Giant Sequoia

Fire Resistance

Other Plants of the Giant Sequoia Forest


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 This tour was created by Jeri Fraser, second grade teacher at Ocean View School in Albany, California. All photos on this site are intended for viewing only, and are copyright © 2001 Jeri Fraser. All rights reserved. Click on the mailbox to send your comments and suggestions.

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